I’m certified and trained to teach Japanese online!

Keiko was trained and certified in Vancouver, Canada at Yano Academy in April of 2017.  Shuzo Yano established his academy in Japan before moving to Canada.  Since establishing himself in 1995, Shuzo has trained over 2700 teachers!  Keiko is proud to utilize his wisdom and pass it on to you through her Skype lessons.

What did Keiko learn during her training?

Shuzo Yano has always encouraged his teachers to more emphasis on the casual form of Japanese, rather than only practicing the polite form (also known as the “masu” form”).  Traditional textbook methods often neglect the casual form entirely, and many students become surprised when they can’t understand a basic Japanese conversation during their first stay in Japan.  When it comes to transforming the outdated style of teaching Japanese into a much more effective method, Shuzo Yano is nothing less than a pioneer in the industry.  Keiko transfers this knowledge to her students every day, getting them to practice both forms of spoken Japanese from day 1.  The casual form of Japanese is far more important when it comes to creating more complex sentence structures – you will need to learn it if you are serious about learning Japanese.